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Dependability, Reliability & Profitability

The first and the most important feature of bookmaker success is dependability! We have a 99.9% UPTIME GUARANTEE!

Our experience will help limit your exposure to sharp often unprofitable plays while maximizing your hold percentage. By working with the industry leading PPH Service (pay-per-head), you can rely on our experience!

Lastly, our bookmaking operators gain several advantages:

Accurate REAL TIME financial reporting.

24/7 online betting and via a professionally designed website (we customize with you) and phone order taking provided by highly trained customer service reps.

You get a dedicated account services management team available 24/7 to assist your business!

No more having to maintain sensitive client and financial data or logistical headaches with prepaid cards, etc.

Extensive recording of all transactions and tracking activity eliminates mistakes or disputes.

Fast and accurate grading of all events.

You are able to focus on relationship management and grow your business!

All leading to more PROFITABILITY!

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